Brunch lovers unite!

The word ‘brunch’ conjures images of a day off from work where you didn’t have to wake up early, late Sunday morning get-togethers with friends, and most importantly, pick-me-up comfort food. There is only one meal that combines two meal times perfectly, and that is brunch (any other off-hour meal time is just an off-schedule meal)!

Whether going out to eat, or having friends come over whatever you woke up hankering for, we’ve got the brunch fix for you!

1. Eggs

There’s a pickup line that goes: “How do you take your eggs in the morning?” – more than being a popular pickup line, it’s a statement that everyone loves eggs for breakfast!

Whether a breakfast platter with scrambled eggs or sunny side up with sausages and sides; or poached over a muffin and drenched in hollandaise sauce, eggs are the perfect brunch food that will keep you full and energised for the rest of the day.

Super brunch (platter) from Beans Depot | Beef bacon benedict from Union Roastery

2. Coffee

Want that barista-made cuppa joe, but don’t have a coffee machine at home (or maybe you do, but need practice on the milk steaming skills)? Well you can have your coffee and drink it too! Whether hot, cold, black, white, and with or without sugar, however you take it, coffee will never fail to boost your mood and help you feel alert and energised.

The Bulb Coffee | Union Artisan Coffee

3. Filled buns

There are various kinds of breads you could have for breakfast, but perhaps none so ready to be the perfect accompaniment to your coffee or tea than a fluffy, freshly-baked filled bun!

Whether a savory filling or a sweet local flavour like kaya or coconut, filled buns make for simple yet satisfying brunch food.

Kaya Paung Bun from Lena’s Bakery |
Korean cream cheese garlic bun from Give Me Your Tummy
(pre-ordering required)

4. Malaysian brunch: Nasi lemak

Most Malaysians grew up buying nasi lemak from their neighbourhood stalls; perfect packets made by homecooks who woke up early to make their fresh batch of nasi lemak every morning. And from this endearing recollection, have Malaysians quietly but collectively agreed that nasi lemak is somehow most perfect when served in the first half of the day.  

It’s the dish we all know too well: A warm plate of coconut rice with its star delectable sambal, the essential sides of peanuts, anchovies, cucumbers and egg (boiled or fried, as you prefer). And while perfect on its own, is just made even more complete with a delicious serving of fried chicken.

Bento set Nasi Lemak from Rasa Wau | Nasi Lemak from Locality Food KL

5. Bonus: Mimosas

AKA the brunch cocktail, comprising equal parts champagne and orange juice (or any other citrus juice of choice). While brunch on a weekend morning might be your first meal of the day, it is just close enough to mid-day that it’s not too early to start drinking!

Checkout Lavo wine on the app (under Beverage Delivery) to order your champagne bottle to go with your freshly squeezed OJ. And if you’re going to be serving Mimosas, might as well be ‘extra’ and serve in some tall champagne flutes.

You can order any of these brunch items using the GemSpot app! Use the ‘Table Booking’ option for dine-in, or the delivery option to get the meals delivered to you.

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